Wee Lasse
LOA: 11'6" - Beam: 28" about 30 lbs
Hull Design: Rushton Circa 1900

Small and light, the problem is once Pam got in it...    She announced "MY BOAT!"


                                                                   So I had to build another one for me.




Birth of Tandem #2  LOA: 16'  - Beam 31.5"  Hull Design: Modified form Peterborough Design Circa 1860

The birth of a canoe  Forms on strongback. Strip!  Edge glue and staple cedar strips to forms


All strips on, remove staples, shape and sand Cover with fiberglass cloth and epoxy.  Gently separate boat and forms  
Sand & glass the inside. Add gunwales, seats and decks.

Then add water.

If the water isn't frozen, then canoeing is good
New Year's day 2007